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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to help clients move forward in life.

Our Vision is that we can all be happy!

Our Peak Performance Program

Our Peak Performance Program is composed of tools to help you be healthier and happier in life. Dr. Melba Stetz uses techniques as Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Spiritualism, and Coaching to make this happen. Most of her clients are professionals, athletes, and students wanting to step it up!

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By E.C.

"I highly recommend Dr. Melba. The work that she does is so valuable and can help on many levels. She was able to bring to my attention a few issues which I wasn't even consciously aware of. If you are looking for break through to succeed on a high level, call her. Melba's passion for this work, integrity, and caring nature set her apart. !"

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By M.S.

"Dr. Melba Stetz is nothing short of brilliant! Her Brain Training Biofeedback coupled with her 30 plus years of experience helped me with focus, sleep and concentration. I highly recommend Dr. Stetz to help you reach your full potential!"

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By B.C.

"Being a visual person, the biofeedback display of my brain after mapping it helps me to understand my situation in conjunction with Dr. Stetz's clinical description. Then comes the work on my part to adjust to thrive as opposed to surviving in today's challenges in teaching. I do a lot of self-reflection and needed to step it up a few notches with a trained professional. Hence Dr. Stetz is that step up. With her expertise and her diverse background it is a step in right direction. She is not a cookie cutter therapist, but customizes sessions according to each clients specific situation in a real world practical application."


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Can’t Focus?

Our lives are so busy. There is so much to do... However, we can’t achieve what we want unless we actually stop, breathe... and take it all in!

Dr. Melba Stetz will help you become more mindful and focused via brainwaves’ biofeedback techniques. Not only she is board-certified but also teaches psycho-physiology it at the university level!


Need Motivation?

Many times it is hard to just get out of bed. Who doesn’t have a bad day? So many things to do can be overwhelming.

Dr. Stetz helps her clients take a good look at where they are in life and how to best achieve their goals.

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Trying to Balance Work and Family Life?

We can’t do our best if always worrying about things back at home or at work. 

Dr. Stetz has published a lot on stress, coping, and work-family balance. She can help you. Just call her today!

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