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To help professionals and students move forward in life!

Our Peak Performance Program

Want to be “All that you can be?” Dr. Melba Stetz has created a Peak Performance Program to help individuals better achieve their goals. It includes talk therapy, coaching, biofeedback, neurofeedback, and homework. She tailors this program as needed to better serve her productive clientele!

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Our Promise

Dr. Melba Stetz has a rich and diverse background. She is Puerto Rican and, as a former military member, she has traveled all around the world. Now in Hawaii, she will do as needed to understand your needs and help you get where you want to be!

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 “I now have a few sessions completed and can definitely tell how her brain training has drastically improved my focus and performance.  Brett S.

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Can’t focus?

Our lives are so busy. There is so much to do... However, we can’t achieve what we want unless we actually stop, breathe... and take it all in!

Dr. Stetz will help you become more mindful and focus via brainwaves’ biofeedback techniques. Not only she is board-certified but also teaches psycho-physiology it at the university level!


Need Motivation?

Many times it is hard to just get out of bed. Who doesn’t have a bad day? So many things to do can be overwhelming.

Dr. Stetz helps her clients take a good look at where they are in life and how to best achieve their goals.

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Must balance life and work?

We can’t do our best if always worrying about things back at home or at work. Dr. Stetz has published a lot on stress, coping, and work-family balance. She can help you. Just call her today!

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