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Dr. Stetz only sees clients that, truly, want to improve their cognitive and behavioral performance. Chronic clinical cases, as personality disorders, are referred out.

Intentional behavior modification takes, at least, three months. During that time, most clients meet with Dr. Stetz once a week for an hour. Many times, she ends up also seeing their family members for a healthier work-family balance.

She tests her clients periodically, does some counseling with cognitive-behavioral techniques, and gives them mind-behavioral exercises to do at home, school, and/ or work. Once clients reach their main goals (e.g., more relaxation and focus) they tend to go back later on for booster sessions!

Dr. Stetz currently accepts the following medical plans:

  1. HMSA: (PPO, Quest Integration, and Veterans Affairs).
  2. United Behavioral Health: (Preferred Provider Organization, Hawaii Quest,  and Hawaii Dual Special Needs Plan).
  3. Triwest: (Veterans’ Choice)
  4. Tricare might be available soon!

For those paying out-of-pocket, please, see below her current affordable fee.


1-Hour, $150.00 (includes tax)

Feel free to pay here via PayPal:

You can also pay in cash, check, or credit card during your session.

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To schedule a session with Dr. Stetz, please, contact her directly via phone/ text: 808-347-4626

or email: drmelbastetz@gmail.com