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Puerto Rico Hurricane… American Heroes!

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I am a proud Puerto Rican… and also Peruvian due to my dad. Natural disasters have impacted our family…

In fact, when my mom was pregnant with me in her belly, she was in Peru. My father is a well-known Sports Medicine Doctor (even treated Pele!). However, one day, there was an earthquake and she had to flight to her island of PR for me to be born. She claimed that is  the reason of my ADHD. LOL!

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Angelina Jolie and Breast Cancer

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Having cancer has been a health concern in my family. I thought I was healthy as a former fit military combat veteran, fitness instructor, and vegetarian… That said, nature ran over nurture.

When we face this type of situations, we have options as the typical stress-response of either freeze, flee, or fight it. Well, as a behaviorist, I choose to… Read More

Brainwaves: Anxiety and Focus

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Our brains are like vehicle motors. We can train to lower the revolutions: slow… fast… That is, when we balance our brain energy, our lives balance as well.  Specifically, when we are anxious, we can’t focus. In fact, High-Beta or when our brain waves range per second in Hertz from 20-30, we can’t focus well. Specifically,  Read More

Family Businesses Ups and Downs

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It is great to live and work with the family, right? Well, it can also have its’ ups and downs.  My husband (Dr. Tom Stetz) and I are a couple of Industrial/ Organizational Psychologists in Hawaii who know the importance of balancing home and work life. In fact, we have published work on this topic based on our life and work while in the military. Life and love is never smooth sailing. That said, if we keep a rhythm in both of them, things fall better in place. Right?

Adult ADHD Anyone?

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Approximately 10 million adults have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Even though it can be hard to live with this condition, adults with ADHDs have also traits that are needed in society. For example, they can hyper-focus, or work on a project for a long time, probably until it is over. Bosses love that! Also, they tend to think outside-the-box as many famous people as President Kennedy, Einstein, Michael Phelps, Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, Whoopi Goldberg, and others do.

So, it is good or bad to have ADHD symptoms? Well, I come from a family of ADHDers. So, I see it as both as a curse and a blessing… but what is not? Diabetes, Cancer (have that too), Dementia… everything has ups and downs.We are not $100.00 bills for everyone to like us.

The goal is to manage our symptoms. That is, if we hyper-focus, let’s do it but when and where it actually matters. For example, when we must work on a project at work… not at home if we stop eating or sharing with the family.

Our brains tend to be in a constant High-Beta (fast)- Theta (slow) brainwaves’ state. We tend to have lots of energy and then kind of… crash! So what can we do? Practice alpha/ relaxation opportunities when we stop, breathe, and plan our day to conserve our precious mental and physical energy for a better quality of life. Thoughts?