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Winner's Mindset: Peak Performance Strategies for Success - My chapter is # 28.

Applying Army Research Psychology
for Health and Performance Gains
- My chapter is # 19.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Some of my research studies and publications:

1. Psychiatric diagnoses as a cause of medical evacuation.2. Psychological distress in the military and mindfulness-based training.3. Combat scenarios and relaxation training to harden medics against stress 4. Stress, mental health, and cognition: a brief review of relationships and countermeasures.5. The effectiveness of technology-enhanced relaxation techniques for military medical warriors.6. Virtual reality and biofeedback to help warfighters deal with stress.7. Usefulness of virtual reality stress inoculation training for military medical females. 8. Psychiatric histories of warfighters deployed to Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. 9. Stress assessment and management while medics take care of the VR wounded.

10. CyberStudies: Lessons from the Trenches. 11. Insomnia in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) Patients. 12. The impact of deactivation uncertainty, workload, and organizational constraints on reservists' psychological well-being and turnover intentions.13. Technology complementing military psychology programs and services in the Pacific Regional Medical Command. 14. Comparing distraction/relaxation modalities with chronic pain patients.15. The usefulness of virtual reality stress inoculation training for military medical females: A pilot study. 16. A comparison of guided imagery modalities for pain distraction.17. Technology complementing military behavioral health efforts at Tripler army medical center. 18. Looking Back: From the Lab to Iraq... and to the Clinic.19. A Sleep Screening Tool for Military Personnel: The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Checklist. 

A Relaxing and Empowering Meditation


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An informal opportunity to meet and practice psychic, mediumship, and/or spiritual healing gifts/skills.

You may promote your work, as the only expectation is to keep healing the world. LTC (Ret.) Stetz will remove and block whoever comes with another type of agenda. Please, invite others to practice and/or to be read.

Weekly @ 3:30–5 PM EST.Come by as many times as you want.