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Melba Stetz

Dr. Stetz with “Chica” her “assistant”.

The Stetz Family
Dr Melba Stetz

“LTC Stetz” retiring in 2014.



Dr. Melba Stetz was born in the U.S. island of Puerto Rico. She has always been in the health field as her father was a sports-medicine doctor and her mother, a dietitian. She started her career in fitness; but due to her mind-body passion, she completed three degrees and two licenses in psychology as well as two board-certifications in psycho-physiology. Dr. Stetz complemented this training with more in-depth post-doctoral training in neurophysiology (e.g., dense-array electroencephalograms, qualitative EEGs, brain-mapping, etc).

She is a combat veteran (retired), Army Research Psychologist; a neurofeedback/brain and mind trainer, a published psychology professor for several local universities (e.g., bio-psychology, military psychology, work psychology), and a cancer fighter.

Dr. Stetz has the background and experience to help you and your family/staff with life’s problems such as ADHD, PTSD, work stress, and anxiety (no personality disorders). She uses cognitive-behavioral techniques and her style is practical when tailoring her program to her clients’ needs.

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