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U.S. ARMY Research Psychologist.

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Dr. Melba Stetz was born on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Her roots are both Taínas and Inca. ”Melbita” would see, sense, and know things. She is a 3rd generation healer.
After 30 years and a few deployments, she retired as a U.S. Army Research Psychologist. Dr. Melba was able to publish extensively on stress and coping (
As a cancer patient during the COVID lockdown, she had to stay home. She took this opportunity to engage in more post-doctorate education in complementary/alternative healing modalities such as energy healing, spirituality, etc. When her father-in-law, Norm, passed from COVID, she did not look back. Melba has been training in psychic mediumship healing with tutors in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.
LTC (Ret.) recently became a best co-author on peak performance and surviving suicide ideations ( ). She will soon also publish her own Motivating Memoir!
Dr. Melba is a Psychology Professor, a Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Therapist, and an Intuitive Empowerment Coach. You may also find her giving motivational talks in both English and Spanish around the world and online.

Some of My Clients

FREE Psychic/Mediumship/Healing Practice Circle

An informal opportunity to meet and practice psychic, mediumship, and/or spiritual healing gifts/skills.

You may promote your work, as the only expectation is to keep healing the world. LTC (Ret.) Stetz will remove and block whoever comes with another type of agenda. Please, invite others to practice and/or to be read.

Weekly @ 3:30–5 PM EST.Come by as many times as you want.