Milano’s #MeToo hashtag and G. I. Jane

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My doctoral dissertation was on Military Sexual Harassment. It was going to be on Military Retirement but former President Bill Clinton got famous due to a blue dress found in the Oval Office… making that theme more in vogue.┬áMs. Milano is an example of what we must do when being harassed. We must be strong and move forward. It is very sad having to report at work to someone that see us as an object than as a whole person or resource to the company. Watch G.I. Jane before you watch Top Gun again…

I have been sexually harassed more than once. I will share, for example, one boss telling me once to put lipstick on… Fortunately, I was not afraid to remind him that it was not on my Job Description. Afterwards, I reported him to Human Resources and he never bothered me again. Another one asked me once how did I make it “so far…” so I answered with “On my feet!”

We must do what we can do. Sexual Harassment is about power… Therefore, our power is to be very well-educated on the matter from how to recognize it to how to report it. I teach Work Dynamics and run Empowerment Workshops. If we don’t work on preventing this type of demoralizing problems for ourselves we must do it for the next potential victims… (e.g., sister, daughter, nephew…). Thoughts?

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