Puerto Rico Hurricane… American Heroes!

By October 3, 2017new
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I am a proud Puerto Rican… and also Peruvian due to my dad. Natural disasters have impacted our family…

In fact, when my mom was pregnant with me in her belly, she was in Peru. My father is a well-known Sports Medicine Doctor (even treated Pele!). However, one day, there was an earthquake and she had to flight to her island of PR for me to be born. She claimed that isĀ  the reason of my ADHD. LOL!

Well, I have my father in PR as well as a couple of my siblings. It is sad to see how little resources they have now to live with. In fact, my 90 year old dad ended up in the ER and they could not attend him on time nor could keep him long as they need the beds for others!

As a proud Puerto Rican, just as the “Borinqueneers” Wars’ heroes, I know that we will get back on our feet. The rest will be to reflect on the “Serenity Prayer.” Let me know when you want me to visit your company for an Empowerment and Peak Performance Worshop. These are always fun!


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