Brainwaves: Anxiety and Focus

By August 17, 2017new
Adult brain waves

Our brains are like vehicle motors. We can train to lower the revolutions: slow… fast… That is, when we balance our brain energy, our lives balance as well.  Specifically, when we are anxious, we can’t focus. In fact, High-Beta or when our brain waves range per second in Hertz from 20-30, we can’t focus well. Specifically, 

Beta brainwaves are slower (12-20 Hz/sec.) and take place when we are focused.

Therefore, my favorite Peak Performance Brain Training Protocol is starting on Alpha, which is slower than Beta (8-12 Hz/sec.), for then train up to Beta for Focus or extended focus (“Hyper focus), and end up slowing these back down at the end. Once we can do this well, we can repeat the process everywhere we go for a relaxed-yet-focused productive state of mind.

Dr. Melba Stetz

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